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Homepreneur Think Tank aims to build an internet marketing platform for fellow Malaysians who aspire to be home-based entrepreneurs and also as a portal for all budding homepreneurs.

I shall share information, advice, guidance and tips to help home-based entrepreneur learn how to make money from home.

I welcome any successful homepreneurs to share their experience and tips here for the benefit of us all.

I shall work constantly to make this site serve the purpose better and I welcome any idea or suggestion.

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Welcome to Homepreneur Think Tank!

This site is founded by Ruziha Osman, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  After going through the primary years of academic education, she finally graduated with a Diploma In Accountancy from University Technology MARA (previously known as MARA Institute of Technology). As norm, to build her career and earn herself a living, she started working with local companies, one after another, gaining first experience in Finance, and later discovering her passion more and more into Marketing.


Constantly aware that she needs to do so much more if she ever wish to acquire financial freedom and create wealth, she tried her hands in network marketing. She could probably have tried her luck in half of all the major multi-level marketing companies that have been around when she finally decided to quit her job and end up, unemployed and no income at all…

Looking back now, this is to be the silver lining of her life. Being a full-time homemaker,  she grasped every opportunity that she gets to be technology-savvy and learn as much as she can from the internet. From then on there is no stopping her. From blogging to social network, and from online shopping to internet marketing.


Now she is proud to call herself  a HOMEPRENEUR, i.e. a home-based entrepreneur. Under the guidance and mentoring by Fabian Lim, the renowned certified SEO guru, she is finally able to start a home-based consultancy, as an Internet Business Consultant, where she helps local businesses optimize their visibility in the search-engine by working on Search Engine Marketing through Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytic and Online Campaign Management.
Last but not least, sharing here her favourite quote;


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• Website

• Hosting

• Wordpress

• Internet Network Marketing

• One-to-one coaching


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