About Me

This site is founded by Ruziha Osman, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  After obtaining her Diploma In Accountancy from University Technology MARA (previously known as MARA Institute of Technology), she started working with a few local companies, one after another, gaining experience first in Finance, but later discovered her passion more and more into Marketing.

After 10 years, she decided she had enough of the corporate world and decided to leave and become a full time homemaker. Looking back now, this is to be the silver lining of her life. Being a full-time homemaker,  she grasped every opportunity that she gets to be technology-savvy and learn as much as she can from the internet. From then on there is no stopping her. From blogging to social network, and from online shopping to internet marketing. She constantly learn about the power of internet and determine to be a successful online entrepreneur.

Now she is proud to call herself  a HOMEPRENEUR, i.e. a home-based entrepreneur. Under the guidance and mentoring by Fabian Lim, the renowned certified SEO guru, successful internet entrepreneur and a multi-millionaire, she was able to start a home-based consultancy, as an Internet Business Consultant, where she helps people and local businesses optimize their online visibility through Search Engine Marketing ie. Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytic, Online Campaign Management and Online Reputation Management.

Last but not least, sharing here her favourite quote;


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