Lead By The Youngs

I am sure I am not alone in this… When I see successful young people who has made it in life, the pang of envy would hit me… Then the list of wishes will come flowing… Wish I had it made when I was at that age… Wish I had seen that coming at that age… Wish someone had introduced me the opportunity at that age… Sounds familiar? Or is it just me…?

Suddenly my train of thoughts pulled a brake. Heyyy… You only make wishful thinking for things that you don’t have a say at all… So I should only be wishing these if I was looking at someone much older than me, who has got it made… because I was either not born yet or much too young… But I am alive and breathing when these young people was making it! So what have I done wrong… or what have they done right? And where was I when they are acquiring these knowledge and opportunity to make it…

The answer is pretty obvious to me when I recently attended a talk ‘Why Be A Network Marketing Pro?’. There was only a couple of people my age and the rest of the hall was filled by youngsters… My first thought was these youngsters must either be in the wrong place or they have nothing better to do to fill their free time… as they just sit there with their handphones in hands. Then as I was faithfully scribbling notes down into my book , trying to absorb as much information as I can, I heard the speaker said, “It’s good to see you guys taking notes…”. I looked up and looked at the speaker looking at the youngsters. So I turned to look at them and saw all of them clicking the info into their handphones… Am I glad I sat a little farther from them, if not I would have to shyly hide my pen & book away! 🙂

With technology, our young generation is being exposed to much more information that we ever had during our times. Then being complacent with all the knowledge and experience that we have acquired, most of us are not willing to learn more new things, more so in exploring new opportunity… and resign to the current situation we are living with…

So I learn, rather than envying the youngs that have made it in life, I should respect them more and try to learn more new things along with them… Anyway, haven’t we learn that with knowledge we would gain the wisdom to compare which opportunity gives you more, which is  good and which is bad. The basis of all great decision-makings. Am I right…. or am I right?


  1. Aaron Lee says:

    Thanks for your sharing, i can feel the passion and your determination in your blog. Great one,really! =]

    • Ruziha Osman says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Aaron. Appreciate your visit and comment very much! Have a great week ahead!

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