New Twitter Header

Twitter changes its interface a little bit by giving us a choice for a header yesterday. I got very excited initially because I was thinking the header would be something like Facebook’s Timeline header. However, I was disappointed. First the size of the header is only one side of the column, not covering both columns. Secondly, the fact that your profile picture and description appearing on top of the image, doesn’t give you much choice for a background image.

So I only put a plain textured background. I wish the profile picture and description remain at the old location i.e. on the left-side column, which will give us more choices on the header. That way we can either put a logo or even a bigger picture of ourselves in action… 🙂

To put an image for your Twitter header, sign-in to your Twitter account. Click on the round icon on the top bar. Go to ‘Setting’. Click ‘Design’, then click on ‘Change Header’. Then click on your image file. Click ‘Open’, then ‘Save’. Click ‘Save Changes’ and now your Twitter has a header…

Well, that’s a good start though… Hope Twitter will listen to more of our requests… 😉

Have a great & productive October… Stay happy & be well!

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